Shopping and Buying Local in Clowne

Why Shopping Local Matters

In a busy world it is important to remember that we all live in a community. What makes a community unique are the people that live and work there and a large part of this are the various shops and businesses that exist near you.

It is easy to take local shops and businesses for granted, to even forget that they are there most of the time. If we look at the devastating floods that have hit parts of the UK recently we can see the desperate situation that a lot of small business owners find themselves in. Not only have they suffered damage and stress as a result of flooding to their homes but they are also facing the possibility of losing their livelihoods as well.

Large businesses by their very nature are cushioned from these localised acts by the very nature of their size.

Dont wait for a disaster to hit your local area; find out about local services, you will be amazed at what is out there and help to support your local community by supporting your local shops and businesses.

The shops and businesses in and around Clowne are doing there bit to make themselves more visible, especially on line. You can do your bit by spreading the word.