John Wins Meal for 3 in Clowne

John Wins Meal for 2

John Inger from Clowne has won our competition and we were delighted to visit John yesterday and present him with his prize.

John has won a Meal for 2 at his wife’s, Dot, favourite local restaurant, Van Dyk’s, courtesy of really local deals.

John thought that it was a great idea to encourage local people to shop and buy locally, as he said “ of the problems is not really knowing what products and services are available in the area”.

He is looking forward to taking his wife Dot for the meal and we wish them both a Merry Xmas and thanks for supporting our attempts to get local people connected with and supporting local shops and businesses

All John had to do was text JOIN to 07860 056 509 to win and he will soon be receiving local deals from local shops and businesses that want to connect with people like John.

We will soon be launching our next competition, this time with a £100 cash prize, who knows who will win this, to have your chance all you have to do is text JOIN to 07860 056 509 just like John did.

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