Directiojns to Shops and Businesses in Clowne

Directions and How to Find Us

Have you tried to search for a local shop or business and found the results delivered contain results for nearby Towns or Cities that you would not consider local? Does this sound familiar?

Everyone we have spoken to has had the same experience. We live in North East Derbyshire and Google (other search engines are available) seems to think that we are near Barnsley.

Search for a local shops and businesses and we are flooded with results for Chesterfield, Sheffield and Worksop. We want results for Clowne, Barlborough, Creswell, Renishaw, Whitwell, Renishaw, Spinkhill and Mastin Moor.

One day in the future this will probably happen, but for today we are on a mission to make this a reality today. If you cannot find a local shop or business then this will affect where you decide to spend your money. Everyone is busy and we want you to find the services you are looking for and be able to find the local shop or business with ease – using our directions in need be.

Check out our local shops and businesses here.