Mind matters Therapies Clowne

Mind Matters Therapies Clowne

Roxanne Rhodes the owner of Mind Matters Therapies has joined really local deals and we thought it would be great to share a little background about Roxanne, in her own words.

Before becoming a qualified therapist I worked in a range of caring and medical professions.  I was a student nurse and I worked in hospitals and nursing homes and in people’s houses in the community as a health care assistant.  I also worked with Derbyshire County Council’s Profound Multiple Learning Disabilities team caring for men and women with severe mental and physical health issues.   I thoroughly enjoyed these roles, and during this time I became aware of the fact that many patients and relatives were unable to access supportive mental health services that they required within a reasonable time frame.

The above extract was taken from Roxanne’s website and you can access this via her full listing on really local deals here

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